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7th Annual

Academic Summit 2018

Hosted by University of New Orleans

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Abstract Guidelines

  1. Abstracts must be no more than 250 words or less in length and must be written using complete sentences in paragraph form and not as a bulleted list.
  2. Abstracts must provide sufficient contextual background information for the reader.
  3. Title of abstract and presentation must be appropriate.
  4. A statement of objectives must be included in abstract.
  5. Methods used to collect data must be described in abstract.
  6. Results must be described in abstract.
  7. Conclusions/summary of research must be included in abstract.
  8. Abstract must be clear and complete.

Oral Presentation Guidelines

  1. Each UL System University is invited to select 5 oral presentations
  2. Oral presentations must be 12 minutes or shorter. A maximum of three minutes will be allowed for questions and room changes.
  3. Moderators are instructed to strictly adhere to the time schedule. For the 15-minute time slot presenters will have 12 minutes to present with the remaining 3 minutes allocated to questions and room change.
  4. Moderators are responsible for ensuring talks start and end on time. Moderators may continue accepting questions for a speaker during the room change period.
  5. Moderators should not introduce a presentation until its scheduled time.
  6. Please bring a copy of your presentation on a thumb-drive/jump drive to your assigned presentation room 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of your session (not prior to the start of your presentation).
  7. Each presentation room will be provided with a projector, laptop/computer (PC format ONLY. No Mac computers will be provided), and projection screen.
  8. Personal laptops cannot be used for oral presentations.
  9. Presentations must be saved as a Microsoft PowerPoint file using one of the following extensions (.ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx).

The following websites (and many others) provide additional tips for creating and giving oral presentations but please be sure to follow the guidelines listed above.